Indovax Private Ltd. is a WHO-GMP compliant facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology for efficient poultry vaccine production.

The company was incorporated in1986 for the development, manufacturing and marketing of poultry vaccines as a joint venture with Vineland Labs of United States. The commercial production of vaccine did commence in the year, 1991.

The manufacturing facility is divided into Four Blocks, namely –

Main Production Block

The main block has six different production suites with independent and dedicated Air Handling Units (AHU) to prevent any chance of cross contamination.

The six different production suites are dedicated for production of

  • CEO Vaccines
  • CAM Vaccines
  • Tissue Culture Vaccines
  • Inactivated Bacterins Vaccines
  • Inactivated Viral Vaccines and
  • Diluents
Pre-Incubation Block

This block has got fully automated centralized Pre-incubation Facility for the incubation of SPF eggs. The capacity of the facility is approximately 4, 00,000 eggs.

Live Bulk Vaccine Block

State-of-the-art Live Bulk Vaccines Block for live bulk scrupulously designed for the preparation mainly for CEO based vaccines. This facility is under the development stage.

Down Stream Processing Block

State-of-the-art Down Stream processing block engineered for blending, emulsification and filling suites for inactivated vaccines with automated emulsification vessels and filling line. This facility is under the commissioning stage. 

Annual Capacity (1000 Doses)
Live Vaccines                    : 6228 Million Doses
Inactivated Vaccines          : 510 Million Doses

Regulatory Approvals




General Organization for Veterinary Services, Govt. of Egypt