The Product and Process Development Laboratory (PPDL) is a well equipped laboratory manned by highly trained scientific staff with a floor area of 958.39 square meters. The Laboratory is recognized as a Research & Development Laboratory by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.

The PPDL delivers  scientific support to Indovax through its  well defined sections for:

Research & Development:

The section is responsible for  R& D work on refining conventional vaccine by undertaking  vaccine  strain matching studies, on continual basis,  undertaking research on  characterization of field isolates at molecular level to understand reasons for disease outbreaks. The laboratory is also engaged on fundamental research for developing newer technologies for vaccinology leading to development of new products.

Technical Services:

The section is primarily  aimed to provide technical support on performance of our vaccines by  monitoring antibody response, post vaccination. The section also provides diagnostic services by testing field samples emerging from disease  outbreaks.  The laboratory is equipped with molecular diagnostic tools as well as conventional virological techniques for processing   samples for virus isolation in cell culture/ in embryonated eggs and also histopathological diagnsotics.

Process Development:

This section undertakes work on  process development and validation of newer products before being transferred to manufacturing plant. A limited capacity scaling up facility in modern bio-secure environment is available for  studies on parameters of  virus bulk  production.

An Immuno –technology lab for perfecting technology of antibody production, specifically on egg yolk based antigen specific (IgY) antibody of mono-specificity, is a part of the sections.

Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) Testing Sections:

Well established section provides testing facility as per standards of European Pharmacopoeia for ensuring SPF status of flocks at Immunetics Lifesciences Private Limited (ILPL) at Una (H.P.)