Quality and the compliance even beyond the set standards is the basic mantra of Quality Assurance Department at our Indovax Pvt. Limited where we manufacture, test and distribute our vaccines. Our operations are driven by best-in-class technology and processes with the compliance of regulatory norms.

Our Quality Management ensures that our products manufactured and distributed as per the national and international standards of strength, quality, purity, efficacy, stability and safety. Our quality system is in place with very well defined quality standards of the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (c GMP) defined by the WHO. Our Quality Management System is supported by comprehensive procedures and protocols aligned with Good Practices (GXP) in vaccine manufacturing.

The GXP practiced at Indovax Pvt. Limited includes but not limited to

  • Good Manufacturing Practice, or GMP
  • Good Storage Practice, or GSP
  • Good Documentation Practice, or GDP
  • Good Distribution Practice, or GDP
  • Good Engineering Practice, or GEP
  • Good Laboratory Practice, or GLP
  • Good microbiological practice, or GMiP
  • Good Management Practice, or GMP
  • Good Business Practice, or GBP

Our strong, well-trained quality team ensures the adherence of our system to quality and procedures.

We use the best practices to ensure consistent delivery of high-quality products .We also source our materials from organizations which do comply with national and international regulatory standards. Further, our own quality standards are constantly benchmarked against best practices.

Our passion for quality goes even beyond business and statutory requirements. Our unwavering commitment to highest levels of quality ensures that our facility, offices and legal entities consistently meet and exceed the regulatory standards and the expectations of poultry farmers who are our customers. To make this happen, we constantly upgrade ourselves to keep in pace with the evolving dynamics of the Poultry world.