Infectious Bronchitis (Massachusetts Type, H-120) and Newcastle Disease
(Asplin/ F Strain) Combined Vaccine, Live, B.P.(Vet.)

Description Freeze dried
Lentogenic Asplin/ F strain of Newcastle disease virus and Massachusetts type, H-120 high passage strains of Infectious Bronchitis virus cultivated separately in SPF chick embryo
Virus content Newcastle disease virus : 106 EID 50 per dose Infectious Bronchitis virus (Massachusetts, H-120 type): 103.5 EID 50 per dose
Indication Protection against Newcastle disease and Infectious Bronchitis, recommended as primary vaccination
Age at administration Chick of 1 day of age or older
Administration Intraocular (oculo-nasal drop) / Oral drop / Drinking water/ Spray
Presentation 500 doses, 1000 doses and 2000 doses
Shelf life 2 years from the date of manufacture
Precaution Birds to be vaccinated should not be weak, debilitated or in immuno-suppressed state

• The vaccine should be stored at 2º-8º C
• Use only the matching quantity of diluent supplied with the vaccine.
• It is imperative that the user complies with the instructions of administration and indications stated
• Use the vaccine immediately after reconstitution. Do not refreeze the reconstituted vaccine
• Do not vaccinate 21 days before slaughter
• Burn the containers and all unused contents