Avian Infectious Bronchitis Vaccine, Live, B.P. (Vet.)

(High Passage Massachusetts, H-120 Type Strain)

Description Freeze dried
High passage Massachusetts, H-120 Type Infectious Bronchitis virus strain, cultivated in SPF chick embryo
Virus content 103.5 EID50 per dose
Indication Protection against Infectious Bronchitis, recommended as primary vaccination and revaccination
Age at administration 0-9 days (primary dose)
28-40 days (booster dose)
Administration Drinking water
Presentation 500 doses, 1000 doses and 2000 doses
Precaution Birds to be vaccinated should not be weak, debilitated or in an immuno-suppressed state

• The vaccine should be stored at 2º-8º C
• Use only the matching quantity of diluent supplied with the vaccine
• It is imperative that the user complies with the instructions of administration and indications stated
• Use the vaccine immediately after reconstitution. Do not refreeze the reconstituted vaccine
• Do not vaccinate 21 days before slaughter
• Burn the container and all unused contents.